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LED Solar Powered Once Fully Charged Aviation Obstruction Light

  • Category:Aviation Obstuction Lights
  • Nominal voltage AC220V DC12V
  • Frequency 50HZ
  • Quiescent current 10MA
  • Nominal voltage AC220V DC12V
  • Product Manual:As one of the top five steel tower and aviation obstruction light factory, Xinhang Tower Technology could manufacture various kinds of towers and aviation obstruction light. LED solar powered once ful

LED Solar Powered Once Fully Charged Aviation Obstruction Light


Our XH-155BLED intelligent cold light Aviation Obstruction Light uses the Ultra-High-Brightness Light Emitting Diode. Multi layer light source panels are stacked into a light emitter. This Aircraft Obstruction Light is controlled by a single chip microcomputer control circuit, which includes a high quality electronic component. The core components are imported that could ensure the quality and working life of the lights. The lamphousing of our LED aviation lights is made of 155MM Fresnel lens made of poly carbonate, which is resistant to shock and acid. The base is built of die-casting aluminum alloy---offer customer's excellent corrosion and weather resistance. Perfect combination of high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar panel and high-capacity storage cells provides adequate power for the flasher to keep flashing for 20 continuous overcast and rainy days. During daylight, the solar module will charge the battery through photo-switch incorporated into the flasher unit.

The lamp will automatically begin operation at dusk. Our led obstruction lights are color available by red, white, yellow, and blue. With standard communication interfaces, this LED Aviation Obstruction Light could be built in different locations for other applications. We also offer aviation obstruction light designs.

Our LED aviation obstruction lights for towers have been widely supplied to Kuwait, U.A.E, Saudi Arabia and Oman. This kind of LED aviation warning lights are widely used on all kinds of high buildings, bridges, steel towers and communication towers.


Nominal voltage AC220V DC12V
Frequency 50HZ
Quiescent current 10MA
Flash frequency 10-60 times/min (adjustable)
Effective intensity Medium<2000cd
Hight   > 3000cd
Light Source super bright LED emitting diode
LED Life expectancy 2*108
Light sensitivity 50~300LX(adjustable)
Temperature range -40℃~+60℃
Waterproof IP65
Size 480mm×220mm
Installation size Φ230mm pitch circle Φ 195mm equip spaced 4*Φ 13mm hole
Light weight 4.5kg
The scope of application 90m≤H≤200m


Thisaircraft warning lightis a new generation that is environmental-friendly and has super long life expectancy, which consisted of fresnel lens, a lamp holder, a Microcomputer Controller, high intensity LED and photo-sensor system.

  • The lamp automatically boots at night and shutdowns at day.

  • Lampshade is made by 150mm single compounder Fresnel lens set for aviation especially, which greatly improves the strength of gathering-light and breathing-light——better light transmittance, unaffected by ultraviolet radiation and excellent resistance to shock(esp. hail) and acid

  • Lampbase made from die-casting aluminum alloy——excellent resistance to corrosion

  • Standard interface/port, can set different position of structure to achieve synchronized flash effect.

  • Photo-sensor——turn off at daytime and automatically turn on at nighttime or insufficient light

  • Light circuit controlled by microprocessor single-chip

  • Built-in double core circuit-controlled boards——The serivce board fails, the spare will be operated automatically.

  • Completely customizable to deployment and operation conditions

  • Will withstand wind in excess of 150 mph (240 kph), (150 knots)

  • Does not create Electromagnetic Interference

  • Does not create Radio Frequency Interference

  • Color Available in red,white,yellow,green

  • The life of the lamp is up to 20 years which is called "green maintenance-free light source".

  • It has the function of waterproof, ageing and corrosion resistance.

  • On the top of the doom, there is also a bird spike to protect it from being dirty which makes the light non-maintenance.

Flash: lines to connect the way,the multi-sync flash lamp.

B.common:focus on intelligent control box to be synchronized flash control.

C.based economy:the single main light control,the deputy lord lights synchronized with the lights flashing.

Operating system:

A.  Ordinary type---connect lights to a controller box to achieve synchronous flash.

B.  Intelligent type-use synchronous wires to achieve synchronous flash in a hand-in-hand way.

C.  Economic type----use one main controlling light to control several auxiliary lights to achieve synchronous flash.


The aircraft warning light is suitable for high-rises (building, school, hospital, and commercial site etc.), chimneys, high-poles, bridge, industrial towers, communication towers, exploration location, oil field, navigation buoy, marine navigation and airport lanes which are difficult to maintain in the usual time.

That several lights flash simultaneously can be achieved when they are connected together.

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