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Hot-dip Galvanized Antenna Guyed Tower

  • Category:Telecommunication Tower
  • Height 15-80m
  • Wind Speed 0-330km/h
  • Galvanized Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Height 15-80m
  • Product Manual:As one of the leading top five steel tower and relevant accessories factory, Xinhang Tower Technology could manufacture various kinds of towers according to customers' requirements or drawings. Hot-di

Steel Tower Name

 Hot-dip Galvanized Communication Antenna Guyed Mast

Height  15-80m
Wind Speed  0-330km/h
Galvanized  Hot Dip Galvanized
Antenna Type  MW, GSM, CDMA etc.
Antenna Load  up to clients
Nuts and Bolts  6..8 and 8.8 available
Life Time  more than 20 years
Design Code ANSI/TIA-222-G/F


 Tensile test,Elements analysis, Sharpy test(impact test), Cold Bending,  Preece test, Hammer test etc.

Guyed Tower has a novel appearance,and its biggest characteristic is  strengthened by using steel guy wire. Guyed tower is a common type of  communication tower which is economical and practical. It is lighter and cheaper than the others. It is very suitable for the geographical wide areas.

Packed: wrapped at the top and bottom,or according to clients requirement. Delivery: within 15-45 days after deposit received usually MOQ: 1 set for Customized. Payment: 30% deposit and 70% by T/T or L/C at sight before shipping Typically. Other payment methods can be negotiated.

Product Description

We are experienced enough in designing ans installing cost effective telecommunication steel tower,4 leg tower, steel tower, telecommunication steel tower, steel lattice tower and telecom tower.High tension galvanized steel is used in their manufacturing process to ensure high quality against heat ,humidity ,moisture, water etc. Moreover , these telecom towers are delivers in varied design and technical specifications depending up on the nature of the applications in which these have to be used.
We Xinhang tower Co.,Ltd manufactures 4 leg tower, steel tower, telecommunication steel tower, steel lattice tower and telecom tower.The construction of tower could be welded or bolted. Each type has its own merits &demerits depending on application .
Buyer can choose any type of steel tower.Each type will be guaranteed to meet the performance specifications laid out by buyer. The design will be certified to meet the performance requirements by chartered engineer /Govt Approved Authority.Certificates,showing.
4 leg tower has good rigidity, suitable for high requirements for horizontal displacement of base station. simple structure, easy processing, convenient for Factory production. Generally high tower type, suitable for meet the requirements. Don't need to apply to large hoisting Equipment, installation is convenient. Applicable to rural and suburban area which is open, lower area on the appearance requirements.

1.all kinds of 4 leg tower, steel tower, telecommunication steel tower, steel lattice tower and telecom tower are of space truss structures.

2.bars of lattice tower are connected by black bolts with shearing force.

3.materials of 4 leg tower, steel tower, telecommunication steel tower, steel lattice tower and telecom tower are generally Q235B and Q345B.

4.bars are mainly composed of single equal angle steel or assembling angle steel.

5.a few components like tower base are assemblies of welded steel plates for convenience of hot dip galvanizing anti-corrosion, transportation and erection.

6.Easy install and maintenance.

7.ladders set inside or outside as per customer.

Product Feature

Material:high tension Q345B steel

Design code: ANSI/TIA-222-G

Hot dipped galvanization: according to ASTM A123, thickness at least 120um

Delivery: within 30 days after getting deposit

Warranty:25-30 years after delivery

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