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Artificial Palm Tree Leaves for Telecom Concealment

  • Category:Camouflaged Palm Tree Tower
  • Anti UV
  • anti-aging
  • antiflaming
  • Anti UV
  • Product Manual:Xinhang Tower Technolgy Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of steel tower and relevant products. Such as artificial palm tree leaves for telecom concealment

camouflaged leaves Specification:

Patent No.:201610131218X

Anti UV, anti-aging, antiflaming, warranty is more than 6 year without fading

No metal completely inside of leaves, especially used for telecom palm monopole

With years of experience in wireless site development, we are familiar with the need to get sites operational on time and under budget. All of our concealed sites, including trees, can be made co-locatable. Depending on the structure used, we can make your sites capable of handling multiple carriers, plus microwaves, and other antennas. Our designs offer the wireless providers unsurpassed RF transparent performance and to the municipalities where they exist, an aesthetically pleasing solution for their residents.

Our engineering design and hands on experience building in a variety of materials and excellent customer service are the foundation of our business. Our Products are RF friendly and are designed and built to withstand exposure to extreme elements. All our designs must meet exacting structural and environmental standards with all projects designed and approved by a certified professional engineer. We take pride in delivering our product according to schedule and understand that time lost is money lost for you, your company, and your client.

Environmental Protection - All our concealment solutions are designed and constructed to offer care free performance in the harshest environments. All steel poles, brackets fasteners and custom designed framework is constructed to the highest standards and hot dip galvanized to prevent corrosion. Additional coatings of high durability paint or artificial bark coatings offer even more protection. Other materials and components used in our designs are made with UV resistant materials chosen for their longevity and resistance to breaking down over time.
Maintenance - Maintenance on the Palm fronds would consist of visual inspection only. If a Palm frond appears to need replacing than a simple replacement is all that would be needed. Maintenance on the Pine branches and Palm fronds would consist of an annual visual inspection for wear, cracking and possible need of replacement.

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