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3 Legged Telecommunication Tower With MW Antenna

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  • Product Manual:As one of the top five steel tower factory, Xinhang Tower Technology could manufacture various kinds of towers according to customers' drawings or requirements. 3 legged telecommunication tower with M

Product Description

Xinhang Tower's self-supporting tower line is designed for efficiency and ease of installation. Tower sections are constructed using pipe, tube, solid, or angle members. Our engineers select the appropriate tower design to accommodate the customer specifications and application. Upon request, Xinhang Tower Technology Co.,Ltd provides step bolts on each tower leg, on sections with face widths greater than 13' to accommodate your installation crew. We also offer a wide range of microwave and cellular antenna support systems as well as coax and cable support.

Each Xinhang 3 legged tower, cell phone tower, cell phone tower, tower cell, cell site tower and 3 leg tower is specifically designed for the intended site location and surrounding terrain per the EIA/TIA-222 code and is tailored to meet the customer requested loading scenario. By providing specific detail on the design, including member size and steel grade, future changes to dish and/or antenna loading can be easily analyzed by one of our in-house engineers or any reputable 3rd party engineering firm to determine code and capacity compliance.

1.all kinds of communication 3 legged tower, cell phone tower, cell phone tower, tower cell, cell site tower and 3 leg tower are of space truss structures.

2.bars of lattice tower are connected by black bolts with shearing force.

3.materials of 3 legged tower, cell phone tower, cell phone tower, tower cell, cell site tower and 3 leg tower are generally Q235B and Q345B.

4.bars are mainly composed of single equal angle steel or assembling angle steel.

5.a few components like tower base are assemblies of welded steel plates for convenience of hot dip galvanizing anti-corrosion, transportation and erection.

6.Easy install and maintenance.

7.ladders set inside or outside as per customer.

Product Feature

Material:high tension Q345B steel

Design code: ANSI/TIA-222-G

Hot dipped galvanization: according to ASTM A123, thickness at least 120um

Delivery: within 30 days after getting deposit

Warranty:25-30 years after delivery

Xinhang Tower Co.,Ltd, established in 1976, warmly welcomes you to get the high quality and stable 3 legged angle steel cell phone site tower for sale with us. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers, we have professionals design the Products for you. Don't hesitate any more.

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